Tom Goodlet is a husband, a father and a forever student of Jesus Christ. He is married to his beautiful wife Erica and has two boys, Parker and Mason, and a little girl, Avri.  He is currently the Associate Minister at Harborside Christian Church is Safety Harbor, FL.  Prior to taking this position he was in full time youth ministry for 11 years.  Tom has a BS in Communications from Milligan College in East Tennessee and a Masters of Arts in Theological Studies from Liberty University. Tom grew up just outside of NYC in Hicksville (nothing hick about it), Long Island.  Tom loves humor, adventure and Jesus.

Matt Gardner is a Student Pastor in Northeast Tennessee where he and his wife currently live. Matt studied student and church ministry at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA and has since served the local church through his passion for Student Ministry.
Such a great book on mentoring!! The best I’ve ever studied or read. I plan on implementing this to the ministry I do.

Dan Carless
The Hope Impact Center

Who are we and why did we
care enough to develop MentorU?

Ultimately, we wanted to develop MentorU because we believe in the power of mentorship. Mentorship is one of the oldest forms of education and training. For centuries, an older generation would share their experience and skills with a younger generation. Legacies were built in the wake of these mentorships. For centuries a civilization could be known for its skill in construction, art, music, warfare, or education. Even today we can name many of those ancient civilizations and their notable crafts.

If you have ever stepped into a church, then you have witnessed the legacy of Jesus Christ. The men and women whom he mentored changed the world. As followers of Jesus Christ ourselves, we know and appreciate the legacy passed down to us by family, friends and mentors in our own lives. And now as leaders, as husbands, as entrepreneurs, we continue to seek out mentors who share their experience and knowledge with us. They help us better realize our purpose and passions. Our mentors help us map out our future development and plans for success.

We believe in the power of mentorship as it has been the vehicle through which we have significantly helped others. Some of the most meaningful moments of our lives were spent pouring into others what God has poured into us. Through mentorship we developed important and meaningful relationships that have lasted for years, including our partnership today. We want to encourage and train you to be mentored, to receive the experience and wisdom of others who have already climbed the obstacles before you ahead. We want to encourage and train you to be a mentor, to share your life experience and wisdom in order to help others grow and be a part of your life’s legacy.

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